Friday, 15 February 2013

Poems #2: Miserere (A re-write)

A quick preface before this poem. I decided based on some feedback I received to radically alter Miserere into a new format. I shall not say anymore than that for I shall leave the interpretations to yourselves!

Some quick edits were made on (16/02/2013) which include a few tweaks to wording and grammar.

As Eris' apple grows
in the chasms void,
my voice, is destroyed;
by superfluous prose
which whispers wistful woes
of a past, devoid
of feelings, I avoid.

So, may silence by my requiem;
and salvation in my tears.
May my elegy be solemn;
and my freedom last for years.
May god have mercy on my soul;
and reconcile me as a whole.

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