Friday, 1 March 2013


This is a single stanza of poetry I managed to conjure up today and felt like you might enjoy a bit of Spenserian style poetry! 
I do have plans to expand this for I'm extremely pleased with the results so far and believe it could make for a wonderful piece.

You- reader:
                        Believed that there on the platform
my gaze was glued; on the hands of the round clock,
Which pierced, like halberds, and penetrated: as if to inform,
me of my vain attempt to try and lock
myself away from the cemetery and coffins knock.
As they lay, lifeless in the circular pantheon, who
can say that the clock’s numbers are not taking stock?
The guillotine falls on every minute as if to
accentuate the care free luggage, and my journey, en lieu.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Update: Where's the Material...

So I thought I would explain the apparent lack of material that I'm producing as of late. At the moment I'm currently in the midst of writing an essay for my university course which is pretty much consuming all my manpower at the moment but I'm hoping to hand it in by next Wednesday so we can have some more material here on the blog.
I'm very inspired by the works of Keats, Byron and Pope at the moment so you can definitely expect some poetry to come along soon when I have the time to sit down and do it. I also itching to do some music reviews and have two albums lined up which I cannot wait to do.
So even if this week has been much like rainfall in an arid desert in terms of writing you can expect quite a bit of material (hopefully) to start coming through late next week.
As always thank you to all my supporters and people who read this, you're what drives me to do this.

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