Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Update: 23/04/2013

So a bit of a quickie just to explain what seems to be my huge break from blogging recently!

I've recently been quite busy with essays and revision for upcoming deadlines, so unfortunately I have been unable to focus on creating new material for a while. I also went back home recently for a much needed break and decided to put my writing on hiatus and just chill for a little bit.

But with my holiday done and essays nearing completion it does mean I'll have more free time once again. So expect the occasional post to start trickling through now and again. Whilst I'm still in exam season I won't be able to get back into full flow but after it is done I am planning on spending my five months off from studies to do a massive amount of writing. So hopefully you should get a wealth of material beginning to trickle through around the end of May.

A huge thank you to all of you who read this and drive me!

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