Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mesmer's Mist: The Electric Odyssey

The Mesmer's Mist is actually part of a song I decided to write the other day after being inspired by Alexander Pope's form of mock epic poetry. I'm hoping to write a whole album using this form of mock epic set in modern times which will be called the 'The Electric Odyssey'. I thought it would be interesting just post my attempt at using heroic couplets and to see how people respond to it.
A quick last note is that this song is incomplete and will have much more to it yet and I expect to rewrite it about 100 times yet!

Once, there was a child born
Into a violent broken home.
Lazarus, was this heroes name
And he would rise, to epic, uncharted fame.
Even if, the voices in the street
Kicked him about like a piece of meat:
His sword of words would arise
And make the thugs howl in cries,
“Lazarus, you fool don’t you see
The pointless nature of your folly.
You’re weak and no-one cares for you,
Why don’t you accept it as true”?

As Lazarus’ tears stained the grass
The thugs they began to amass:
Flexing their legs and readying their fists,
Lazarus prayed for mesmer’s mist
To descended and save him from certain doom.
Which as the seconds passed seemed to loom,
And propel him towards a gritty fate,
But then a light; not to late,
Beamed down from heavens and his prayer,
To release poor Lazarus from his nightmare.

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