Wednesday, 13 February 2013

New Start

Welcome one and all!

My name is Philip Bell and this is my third attempt at starting a blog, although this time I actually have a format nailed down and super promise not to stop!
The basic idea of this is that it will contain not just my creative writing such as poetry, screenplays, short stories, etc but also things such as personal thoughts, perspectives and (something I'm very excited about) music reviews. I will obviously be testing and trying different formats and working on improving content constantly. Another important thing to mention is that I won't be posting on a set time each week but rather when ever I have content to publish. I think if a certain format becomes increasingly popular then I will consider regular content but for now its just going to be whenever.
I will always post updates on my twitter @Philip_A_Bell so keep an eye out.

Mucho Loveso.

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