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So this is a short film I'm very passionate about and I'm hoping to actually film once it is complete. I'm planning for it to be conceptual piece much in the style of Jean Pierre Jeunet, someone I'm heavily influenced by. This is only a very short section of film perhaps one minute and a bit. I'm yet to complete the piece but it is my main bit of work at the moment and I'm hoping to complete it within the next week or two. I promise to post it once it is complete as well.




On an old wooden chair, with L’idée engraved on to the back of it, CERVELLO, a young man with wild hair, heavy eyes and a scraggly beard, stares blankly into nothing.

Cervello contorts his face as if in pain.

He shakes his head and continues to stare blankly into nothing.

Cervello raises his left hand to his ear and begins to rub his index and middle finger against his thumb. He clenches his fist very quickly and then, when he reopens his hand, begins to start clicking his fingers to slow, steady beat.

Whilst continuing to click with his left hand Cervello then raises his right hand and begins to click both his hands into a rhythm.

As the rhythm begins to speed up he starts to stamp his foot onto an old wooden box and incorporate it into the tune.

Cervello bobs his head to beat and starts whistling as the tune gets faster and faster.

As the tune intensifies to a point where he can no longer keep up to he stops, stands up and kicks the chair over.

Breathing at an excessive rate Cervello stares at the chair enraged. As he composes himself, he tightens his tie and checks his blazer is straight and buttoned up.

Cervello spins around flexes, stretches and takes a take breath through his nostrils.

Music then begins to blare out and Cervello dances without any inhibition, as if he is in ecstasy and leaping around without a single care.

                   CERVELLO (V.O.)
          That moment.

Cervello is now reaching new levels of excitement and can hardly contain himself as his dancing gets more erratic and expressive.

                        CERVELLO (V.O.)
          When an idea hits you.

An old fashioned light bulb is shown off and then sparking on.

There is someone in shower whose eyes are closed as the water pours down on them. They then open their eyes and swing their hands to their head and gasp.

There is an EXCITED MAN dashing through an empty, desolate street shouting.

                   EXCITED MAN

An apple is dropped by someone on a ladder and smashes on the ground

Someone strikes a fire starter and sparks erupt off it.

Cervello is still dancing in great excitement and flicks up the chair with his foot.

Cervello then begins to parade around the chair with a bounce in his step

                   CERVELLO (V.O)
          Is unlike any other.

A YOUNG HANDSOME MAN, an attractive blonde guy, in his early 20’s, is in his own little world and has his head hanging down until he sees the feet of the BEAUTIFUL LADY a few paces away.

The Young Handsome Man then stops suddenly in his tracks.

He starts to very slowly; raise his gaze from the Beautiful Lady’s feet, up her legs, onto her torso and her chest.

The Young Handsome Man then locks eyes with the Beautiful Lady and they smile awkwardly at each other.

As they realise they are staring at each other, they avert their gazes in embarrassment.

Then as they look up and smile at each other again the Young Handsome Man and the Beautiful Lady walk towards each other.

                    YOUNG HANDSOME MAN

                    BEAUTIFUL WOMAN

They stare at each other longingly.


Cervello is attempting to dance with some fancy footwork to the music but is failing miserably.

It does not faze him and he continues to dance fervently.

                   CERVELLO (V.O)
It’s as if you have been possessed by a demon

A possessed girl leaps out of her bed in shock and begins to cackle.

The possessed girl gets fully out of her bed and drops to her knees and her cackle intensifies.

Cervello is now dripping in sweat and is forced to take a break after a final leap and flurry.

Cervello is panting as sweat drips off his hair and is bent over with his hands on his knees in exasperation.

                   CERVELLO (V.O.)
          Who pokes your heart with his trident.

A man dressed in a very unconvincing devil costume is smirking as he throws his plastic trident into the ground.

As the trident hits the floor it shatters on the floor.

The man is holds his stomach and laughs silently.

The man proceeds to trample the pieces of the trident with his feet.

Cervello is still bent over exasperated and takes one large breath in and swallows it.

Cervello, with sweat still streaming off him, stares into the distance and begins to calm. His breaths become shallower as he fixes his concentration.

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